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28000+ Students from 47 countries have taken 127,000 hours of sustainability education from Earth Academy.

Learn ESG Reporting, GHG Management, Climate Risk,
Circular Economy
and other relevant sustainability skills through our three schools.


The Three Schools

School building

At the School of Sustainability Reporting and Strategy, we cultivate expertise in navigating the intricate intersection of sustainability principles and strategic business reporting.

At the School of Climate, we empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to address the pressing challenges and opportunities of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.

At the School of Sustainable Finance, we equip learners with the essential insights to navigate the evolving landscape of finance while integrating  ESG considerations for long-term value creation 




Message from The Dean

“Welcome to the Earth Academy. My name is Stefaan van Hooydonk, and I am the Dean of the Academy. 

I am passionate about seeing a positive change through education and this Academy is for the professionals who are at the forefront of our lifetimes' most crucial change. At this Academy, we enable sustainability professionals and those who care about this topic to maintain, upskill, and appraise their learning and be recognized for their knowledge of sustainability issues.​

Our long term goal is to democratize the knowledge on sustainability so that each one of us can make a difference towards a better future.

Enjoy our online sustainability courses and we are always available to support your learning journey. 

Happy Learning!"

Message from The CEO

Earth Academy's mission is to help individuals and organizations make more informed decisions that benefit both the environment and economic growth. Education on Sustainability can address pressing global challenges such as climate change, poverty and inequality, and loss of biodiversity. Knowledge of sustainable development can open up new career opportunities in fields such as renewable energy, green building, and sustainable business practices.


Empower your future and the future of our planet by investing in sustainable education.

Happy Learning"


Chief Executive Officer

The Four-Levels of Knowledge

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The Three Ways to Learn


The practitioner-level course gives a solid foundation on the subject. After completing a practitioner-level course, an individual will understand the subject, enabling them to hold intelligent conversations with a subject matter expert in the same field.
The practitioner level is also a good course for the team members of a sustainability reporting team in a company.

Professional Woman Smiling


The Masterclasses are designed for sustainability leaders who want to understand a subject in-depth to lead the sustainable development strategy in their own company. It is also the level for individuals who own the sustainability reporting strategy and lead the sustainability reporting team in their organization.

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1:1 coaching is the best way to customize the learning as per your own needs. The coaching could be on a particular standard or end-to-end report development.

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