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Achieve  Sustainability Together.

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Imagine the power of the organization where each and every employee is a Sustainability Ambassador.

So how do you make it happen?

Employees do not want learn about random facts about sustainability instead they want understand the power of sustainability from context of their role and industry.

Earth Academy designs a tailored curriculum for for every level and function of an organization, because different employees have different educational needs.

How Company wide Programs are run?

Sustainability for Leaders

Board, C Level

Sustainability for Functions

HR, Sales, Production, Supply chain etc.

Sustainability for all




The sustainability education needs of every level and function are different. Hence, Earth Academy's course designer creates a highly customized course for each. The content is highly relevant and demands employees think critically about making their functions more sustainable.


Once the development of the courses has happened, Earth Academy also helps with rollout strategy of such programs. This includes course adoption strategy, critical milestone analysis, complete administration, and reporting.

SDGS Passport
Take this sample course to see how a course for all employees might look like. (77).png
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30 Mins

Activity Based


Designed to Inspire



Medical Staff
Medical Staff


Cytiva (Previously GE Life sciences), now with the life sciences business from Pall Corporation, is a global life sciences leader dedicated to helping customers discover and commercialize the next generation of therapeutics.

Organizing Test Tubes

Cytiva (Formerly GE Life Sciences) wanted to bring about a culture of sustainable development. They wanted Sustainability embedded in every function of the organization.
Earth Academy created a training curriculum for 14000 employees at Cytiva. The curriculum has seven courses divided into three levels targeting the job function of these employees.

The curriculum is launched in 10 countries and translated into four languages.

Contact us to know more.....

I want to thank you for ALL you did to help guide us, engage and collaborate us, and all of your flexibility as we launched the Sustainability Training today, in conjunction with World Environment Day.


As of today, 16,000 Cytiva Employees will learn more about what sustainability is and why it’s so critical…what our priorities and strategy are and examples of the progress we are making, and how they can personally engage to make an impact. This would not have been possible without you and your team. We are so grateful….thank you!

Ryan Walker

Director Sustainability Programs


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