1st and 2nd June

09:00 AM EST - 14:00 PM EST 


Professional Financial Investment Compan

Shivani Rajpal, 

Head of Trainings, Earth Academy

Ex Head of Services, GRI

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Professor Gwendolen White

Trainer, ISOS Group

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Wim Bartels, Sustainability Advisor

Ex Partner KPMG

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Tim Mohin CSO & EVP, Persefoni, Advisory Member Earth Academy


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What is covered?

The ESG Reporting Masterclass is for professionals who lead or want to lead the sustainability reporting projects for their organization​. This Masterclass is a highly interactive session; including best practices, group work, and assessments.

Topics Covered

  • The current state of ESG disclosures and where it is likely to go next

  • Key differences between four Frameworks (TCFD, SASB, IIRC, and GRI)

  • GRI Standard and upcoming changes

  • GRI and SASB complementarity – A Practical Guide to Sustainability Reporting: Using GRI and SASB Standards

  • SASB Standards – Identifying the use of Standard, Omissions, Reporting Boundaries, Reporting format, and Assurance

  • TCFD Recommendations –

    • Structure of TCFD Recommendations

    • Four Core Elements

    • Recommended Disclosures under each of the 4 core elements

    • Practical examples of TCFD Recommendations used by organizations

  • Ratings & Rankings: S&P DJSI, Sustainalytics, MSCI, Bloomberg

  • Sustainability Reporting Process

  • Case studies and best practices

  • Group Activities

  • Quiz Games


Delivered via: Zoom 

Duration: 10 Hours (2 half days)

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Feedback from Past Participants

Dan Meyer, USA                

Tanis Marquette, USA                

Carol Mcgee, Ireland             

Malvika Mudgal, India

Najla Al Saif, KSA

Advanced Course on Materiality 

Course Partner



15th and 16th June

08:00 - 12:00 EST


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Shivani Rajpal

Head of Trainings, Earth Academy

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Feedback from Past Participants

Remke van Zadelhoff, USA                

Julia Bridgforth, USA                

Dr. Sevin Gurarda , Turkey           

What is covered?

During this interactive course, you will learn about the concept of materiality, the various types of materiality and how to integrate materiality as a key component of ESG strategy and disclosure. The course covers how to identify and engage with stakeholders, how to interpret and frame results, and how to get the most out of your materiality process as you build and evolve ESG strategy. Throughout the course, there will be exercises through which you will gain knowledge on how to create a step-by-step process for determining the most material ESG topics for your organization.


Learning Objectives of the course:

  • Understand the concept of Materiality

  • Differentiate between Financial and Traditional Materiality

  • Understand the various reporting frameworks and standards associated with the different types of materiality

  • Identify key stakeholders

  • Understand how to connect with different stakeholders based on their specific characteristics

  • Explain the step-by-step process of consulting with stakeholders, completing research, and interpreting the results to finalize a set of material topics

  • Identify potential pitfalls and explore how to avoid them

  • Understand how to integrate the results from a materiality assessment into organizational ESG strategy


The course will be divided in three parts:

  1. Understanding Materiality

  2. Step by step process for determining material topics

  3. Integrating Materiality into ESG strategy


There will be three group exercises during the course, including one at-home assignment (to be completed in small groups). These exercises will strengthen the concepts that you learn during the course, help you to identify potential pitfalls, and give you practical experience in determining material issues.


Delivered via: Zoom 

Duration: 8 Hours + 2-3 Hours of Group work

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GHG Management & Climate Action Planning


Course Partner

To Be Announced


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Tom Crowell

Senior Consultant & Trainer

PGS Consults

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Lyrica McTiernan

Adjunct Professor 

Presidio Graduate School

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What is covered?

The Greenhouse Gas Management and Climate Action Planning Masterclass is for professionals who lead or want to lead GHG inventory and climate action planning for their organization. This Masterclass is a highly interactive session; including best practices, and group work.

Topics Covered

Greenhouse gas inventories (Day 1)

  • What activities produce GHG emissions

  • Scopes 1,2 and 3

  • Using emissions factors

  • Converting to carbon equivalents using global warming potential

  • Science and politics of global climate goals

  • Model institutional steps to reduce GHG emissions

  • Setting emissions targets

  • Choosing emission reduction measures

  • CAP implementation

  • The promise of nature based solutions

  • Issues of permanence, impacts on biodiversity and local communities

  • Offsets – moral hazards, additionality, verifiability


Delivered via: Zoom 

Duration: 9 Hours 

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