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Sustainability & Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate

Earth Academy is 

Master the SCR exam and gain a profound understanding of sustainability and climate risks in one comprehensive course.

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Meet Our Students

And what they say about GARP SCR and Earth Academy

We are, Fabio Perata, Head of Division at the Banking Supervision and Angelo Rivieccio, Division Head of Section of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. 


Over the last two years the topic of Climate risk has become increasingly prominent in our daily supervisory tasks, and I have therefore decided to build-up new specific competencies in this domain, quite distant from the traditional background of supervisors. 

At first, I have followed conferences and specialised trainings in the domain of Sustainable Finance, but I have realised soon that their scope was too narrow for a comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by the climate risk on financial institutions. I’ve therefore decided to enrol in the Sustainable and Climate Risk (SCR) Programme offered by GARP, which is the premier global course on the financial risks associated with climate change and their possible mitigation, coupled with a comprehensive view on the broader context of sustainability regulatory and private initiatives, reporting requirements and green finance.


In this context I’ve also realised that it would have been very difficult to pass this very demanding test without an adequate support, so I didn’t hesitate too much to enrol in the specialised training programme offered by Earth Academy for preparing the SCR certification. This training has met all the expectations and has been fundamental for passing the SCR test. The supporting material used for the preparation of the masterclasses has been very useful in helping to focus on the key learning objectives of each chapter, and the additional mock questions and related group discussions have enabled me to easily move from simple reading to more active learning, which has finally resulted in a deeper knowledge consolidation.


So, a big thanks to Earth Academy, with a special mention for Lorinda and Shivani, the two amazing teachers, for having arranged this important training, that I would recommend to all the professionals that want to grow-up in the domains of Sustainability and Climate risk.

Fabio Perata.jpeg

Fabio Perata

Head of Division - Banking Supervision

European Central Bank

  • LinkedIn

Angelo Rivieccio

Head of Section 

European Central Bank

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In my career transition from corporate data leader to climate tech learning has been a critical pillar. Some industry experts recommended the SCR certificate for its broad coverage and its reputation in the industry. For me, the materials seemed like a great complement to the net zero and tech solutions focus of the courses I had already taken, and an extensive view of the financial and risk aspect of climate. But, studying for the exam seemed like a daunting task!


When I met Shivani at a conference I was impressed by her knowledge and confidence, and the availability of the masterclass convinced me to sign up for the exam. 

I was not disappointed. Together Shivani and Lorinda gave us a deep and broad view of climate science, policy and risk, and of green finance from a practitioner's perspective. They pulled together great review materials, as well as expert chats and former student studying tips in an interactive format. The class was critical to help me focus, understand the types of questions that would be asked and the most effective studying strategies. It really took me from reading materials to active learning and mastery. 


Dr. Karine Serfaty

  • LinkedIn

Data, Strategy and Sustainability Executive

In redefining our impact investment approach amidst climate and sustainability challenges, I chose to take the GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk Exam after extensive research on available certifications. The depth and breadth of data and information required were immense, presenting a substantial challenge. Having successfully completed it, I now find myself missing the rigorous study process, as there is still so much to learn in this ever-expanding field.

I owe a special thanks to Lorinda Niemeyer and Shivani Rajpal from Earth Academy for their exceptional prep course. Their interactive classes, comprehensive materials, and practice questions were instrumental in my success.


Andrii Tiurenkov

  • LinkedIn

Director Debt Investments

Agents for Impact

Why prepare with Earth Academy?

Your Trainers

Your SCR Prep trainers are best in the business. They have several years of experience training complex topics in sustainability and climate

Shivani Rajpal

CEO Earth Academy


  • LinkedIn

Lorinda Niemeyer

Head of Sustainability

Allianz Life

Ex Mckinsey (SCR Certified)

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Program Quality

Compared to other programs, Earth Academy SCR prep program is far ahead and don't take our word for it.

I enrolled in four different preparation courses from various providers, one of which is Earth Academy. While I'm uncertain if all four are necessary to significantly enhance my chances of passing the exam, I must emphasize that your Masterclass stands out as being at least two, if not three, levels above the others. The quality of your work is truly commendable :)


Andrii Tiurenkov

  • LinkedIn

Director Debt Investments

Agents for Impact

Pass Rate

With a 90% pass rate, we give you the best chance to pass this exam. Our trainers are always available to clear any doubts, and we provide high-quality model test papers to ensure you are best prepared.

The Lesson Plan

Only Earth Academy has a comprehensive lesson plan that ensures you complete preparations for this challenging exam.

The purpose is not only to help you pass but also to understand the topics within the studying material thoroughly.

Study Packages


80 GARP Questions in an interactive format

80 Additional Questions model test paper

80 Additional Questions model test paper 

30 Additional Questions model test paper 

100 Additional Knowledge Checks for 10 chapters

Self Assessment Flash cards


6 months access


LITE Package


14+ hours in total

Lifetime access



Professional Package

20 Hours of SCR Prep Masterclass

Access to trainer and study support groups groups


This package has a 90% pass rate - 2022-12-02T174728.946.png

SCR® Prep Masterclass

This class will take candidates through the entire Updated SCR prep material. The class will be full of interaction with Q&As, quizzes and breakout sessions.

Topics Covered:

  • Foundations of Climate Change: What is Climate Change?

  • Sustainability

  • Climate Change Risk

  • Sustainability and Climate Policy, Culture, and Governance

  • Green and Sustainable Finance: Markets and Instruments

  • Climate Risk Measurement and Management

  • Climate Models and Scenario Analysis

  • Net Zero

  • Climate and Nature Risk Assessment (NEW)

  • Transition Planning and Carbon Reporting (NEW)

2024 October Exam

September 18th, 19th, 24th and 25th 2024

15:00 to 20:00 CET 

Included in the package

20 Hours of Masterclass 

130 Additional Questions model test paper

Additional 100 Knowledge checks 

1:1 post masterclass coaching session (Optional)

Recording of the Masterclass

Participation in the facilitated study groups


Anchor Lesson Plan

Masterclass Lesson Plan

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