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The SmartCSRD is a ChatGPT like bot helping you answer precise questions on CSRD.

This feature is only available for CSRD HUB Subscribers.

STEP 1: Click on the Blue chat box

STEP 2: Ask any question Regarding CSRD

STEP 3: Please be as precise as possible in your question


Top Questions

  1. What are the disclosures under the Biodiversity standard?

  2. What is an MDR disclosure?

  3. How do I use ESRS 1 standard?

  4. What is double materiality?

  5. What are the broad disclosures under the climate change standard?

  6. My company is based in the US, does CSRD apply for my company?

  7. How do I use the Business Conduct Standard?

  8. What are the disclosure requirements under Business conduct standard?

  9. What are the transitional provisions in ESRS?

  10. What are the disclosure requirements under the ESRS 2 standard?


Including Reports from

The SmartCSRD is trained on the reports from:

1. Phili[ps

2. Allianz

3. Orsted

4. ABN Amro

5. Arla

6. Netcompany

7. Metsa

8. H+H international

9. Hydro

10. Lundbeck

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