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Become Certified ESG Analyst® (CESGA®)

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Approx certified so far

20 & 1

20 Multiple choice and 1 Case Study in 2.5 Hours


Hours recommended prep time

What is CESGA® certification (Certified ESG Analyst)?

The CESGA® is a comprehensive programme structured in 9 Modules. The first eight are dedicated to the theoretical discussion. Module nine presents two case studies requiring the application of the knowledge acquired in the previous modules. Module 10 has complimentary content on the APAC and America regions.


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Target Audience

The EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst® (CESGA®) programme is particularly aimed at financial analysts and portfolio managers who want to integrate ESG data in their capital allocation processes, but also, in general, all investment professionals increasingly committed to ESG issues. Other specialists such as corporate sustainability officers, investor relations, auditors and consultants will find this course interesting to develop a better understanding of the needs of capital markets in terms of ESG information. Summing up it is ideal for asset owners, asset managers, corporate consultants, financial planners, and family offices who wish to embrace ESG integration holistically.

Geographical Focus

ESG is a global approach. With Europe leading the way with ESG standards, CESGA® covers general global standards and analyses the European regulatory developments in depth because they might be a blueprint for other regions. Its content is constantly updated to reflect regional developments (e.g. Module 10). Earth Academy is providing CESGA only in USA

Benefit Of CESGA®

International Recognition

Better Career Prospects

EFFAS CESGA® Holders are internationally recognized in Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Latin America.

Differentiate yourself from other job candidates by using ‘Certified ESG Analyst’ or CESGA® title behind your name.

One time investment

No additional costs or yearly membership requirements to maintain the right to use the CESGA title.

Steps to become CESGA®

Enrol for the program



Go through the learning modules


Pass the exam.


The exam covers the complete Examination Syllabus and has a duration of 150 minutes with the following two-part structure:

- 20 Multiple Choice Questions covering module 1 to 8 (50%)

- 1 Practical Case Study with 9 open questions covering module 9 (50%)

To pass the examination, students must demonstrate their knowledge by gaining more than 50% of the 120 examination points and in each part have more than 30% of the answers correct.



The Price Includes

- The self paced learning program

- Exam registration

- Practice test

- 1 Hour Q&A Session

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