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ESG Reporting

Demystify the myths around ESG Reporting by attending this 1.5-hour webinar by 2 of the most charismatic and knowledgeable speakers from the field of ESG Reporting.

In this webinar, you will learn.

- The origin of ESG Reporting
- ESG Defined
- Major players
- Latest trends

- What happened at COP26
- What's coming in the future


Tim Mohin CSO & EVP, Persefoni,

Advisory Member Earth Academy


Shivani Rajpal

Independent Consultant, 

GRI Evangelist

1.5 Hours


ESG Reporting 101
(Regarding GRI Standards)

Professional Female

Get started with the most widely used ESG standard in the world, GRI.

Get your most common questions answered and learn the fundamentals of GRI standard structure, its past, present, and future.


​In this webinar, you will learn:​-

- The GRI Standards and the reporting process requirements.

- Comparison with other standards- Changes and what lies ahead.


Shivani Rajpal

Independent Consultant, GRI Evangelist


Professor Gwendolen White

Principal, Sustainability within Reach

1.5 Hours


Corporate Sustainability Strategy

The CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY DESIGN Masterclass is for corporate leaders who are dealing with these challenges and are called to design and review corporate sustainability strategies.

Topics Covered:

  • How modern corporate sustainability differs from traditional CSR and ethics

  • Defining a business case the Board and CFO will like

  • The profile of sustainability leaders in industry

  • A practical guide to corporate sustainability strategy design/review

  • Case studies from research and practice

Paolo compressed.jpg

Professor Paolo Taticchi, OMRI

Professor (Education) in Strategy and Sustainability & Deputy Director (MBA and Global Engagement) at UCL School of Management.

2 Hours