Why Customer Buy? A new approach to sales training.

Is your company struggling with falling sales?

Are all sales training and sales strategies in your company have failed?

Let's try and understand a different perspective of the Selling. Buying.

"Why do people buy?" is a thousand times more important than "How do I sell?.

I have just spent 3 weeks interviewing customers of my customers, asking them "why they buy?" And the answer is a combination of common sense, startling information, overlooked issues, and incredible opportunity.

It never ceases to amaze me that companies will spend thousands of hours and millions of euros teaching people "how to sell," and not one minute or 10 euros on "why customer buy" and "why they buy" is all that matters.

You may think you know why they buy, but you probably don't do anything about it. Proof? Let me share with you the early warning signals that prove you may not have a clue as to why they buy.

You get a price objection.

You have to send bids or proposal.

They claim to be satisfied with their present supplier

No one will return your call

You complaining that the economy is slow

If these sound familiar to you, you may be in the big club.

I am going to present a collection of elements as to why customers buy.

They are not in particular order, but they are valid reasons which were given to me straight from the mouth of customers, from every type of business. This is fact, not fiction.

Here it goes:

I like my sales rep.

I understand what I am buying.

I perceive a difference in the person and the company that I am buying from.

I perceive value in the product that I am purchasing

I believe in my sales rep

I trust my sales repI am comfortable with my sales rep

I perceive that my sales rep is trying to help me build my business. He is a valuable resource for me.

See the similarities in answers. Most are directed towards sales rep and his relation with his customer. Not how good he is in puking features and functions of his companies offerings, which is what most of the sales training is made of.

Liking is the single most powerful element in a sales relationship. I got a quote the other day from someone claiming to be a sales training expert. It started out saying, "Your customer does not have to like you, but he does have to trust you"...WHAT AN IDIOT. Can you imagine, the CEO of the company when making buying decisions, saying "I trusted that guy, but I sure didn't like him." Like leads to Trust. Trust leads to buying. Buying leads to a relationship. That's the life cycle of sales.

Maybe you are thinking "it cannot be that simple?"



This is how you can know why your customers buy?

1. Call your 5 best customers

2. Invite them to a seminar about how to build their business

3. Offer great food and drinks.

4. Tell them that there are 30 mins worth of questions you want to ask them about how to strengthen your relationship

5. Craft 6 questions about how you meet their needs and what they look for in a vendor partner relationship

6. Record the session.

7. Listen or Watch 100 times.

and I bet most of the companies.............


You will be surprised that these include several fortune 500 companies.

The last piece of advice...if you want to master sales then stop being the master of sales and become a student. The attitude of sales mastery is the biggest pitfall of sales.

At The Journeyman, we create tailored sales programs for you your sales reps making them understand why their customer buy.

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