How to create an Awesome Commercial Excellence Program?

As a learning leader, the most important program you will create for your business will be the commercial learning program. An awesome commercial learning program tackles the most important elements which your business leaders is thinking about eg: sales, margins, customers, competition and cash.

Even though they are very well made, most learning program are too generic and off the shelf that they do not capture the attention of their commercial teams. In few case where they 'DO' capture the attention, they serve as short term stimulants rather than something which could be used in the field.

Here are 5 ways to create an awesome Commercial Excellence Program

1. Always start with the data: Data analysis of hard data (targets, performance) and the soft data (behaviours) should be the first thing to look at before building any sales program.

2. Meet The customer: Your subjective knowledge should always come from the customer. Many learning analysts sit only with the sales teams or sales leader, resulting in biased information. Customer is the only source of truth and simplifies business for you tremendously.

3. Understand the buying process: Most learning team are only bothered with the selling process of their sales teams. Buying process is perhaps the most important thing to understand. When is the customer motivated to buy, where does he go to buy and people involved in decision making.

4. Create a highly custom design: The best commercial learning program are never generic, they are highly customized. A sales rep selling a specific type of product to a specific customer would understand how to solution sell that product to that customer better in a customized lesson rather than a generic solution selling program.

5. Create Micro Learning: Most commercial program now days are either a 1-2-3 day workshops or elearning course. Both approaches are wrong. You can only change the selling behaviours by two ways. Either a you go the Xerox way, where the sales training is a several month long affair OR you need to create micro-learning nudges (5 mins or less) during the sales/buying process of your product and services.


The Journeyman

We create highly customized sales excellence course after thoroughly studying your industry, your customer, their buying process and finally your sales process.

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