Driven by Dopamine!

In simple terms, Dopamine is a brain chemical which is released when we get an unexpected reward for something we aspire. It makes us feel good about ourselves and its highly addictive in nature.

Example when Dopamine is released

'Getting an unexpected promotion'

'Getting an unexpected salary bump'

'Getting affection or attention from a highly desired person'

'Getting recognition from a leader'

'Trying and winning a seemingly difficult challenge'

Social Media and Dopamine

A quick way of getting a dopamine dosage is

"Getting a like"

"Getting a friend request"

"Getting Views to your social posts"

"Getting an important call or message"

You wonder why some people can't take their eyes off their phones.

In short, Dopamine is extremely dangerous if used excessively and cause anxiety and depression, however, it is also a chemical which can help you motivate yourself to learn and reach higher goals.

How companies can use Dopamine to create a learning organization

A lot of companies wonder why their employees are not willing to learn new things and accepting new challenges. The answer is that your learning environments are not challenging enough. They don't give the dopamine dosage consistently enough for individuals to constantly challenge themselves.

What's In It For Me (WIFM) 

People constantly think about what's in it for them. In the workplace, most of the people are driven by recognition and reward, hence you need to design your learning in such a manner that your learners keep on challenging themselves and receive a higher reward, every time they succeed.

Few examples of Dopamine driven learning:

- Create levels of certifications

- Create complex learning games with clear WIFM

- Ask your best learners to be your teachers

- Communicate and celebrate on social platforms

So, look closely at your learning programs and create those cues and rewards that motivate your learners and make them learning addict through dopamine.

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