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IFRS Sürdürülebilirlik Standartlarında Uzmanlaşmak İçin Kapasite Geliştirme

Türkiye Sürdürülebilirlik Raporlama Standartları (TSRS) uzmanlığını, premium eğitim programımız ve özel rehberliğimiz ile kazanın!

European Parliament

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Double Materiality

In CSRD (and Launch of CSRD Hub) - 2024-01-30T103753.036.png



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Five lessons learned from CSRD implementation
From someone who’s been (and is still) there.

As a sustainability leader or advisor grappling with simply mastering the details of CSRD and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), you may feel a bit overwhelmed getting started leading or mobilizing your organization on this journey. While there is no single path forward, we’ve learned a few lessons in our journey so far that hope will help.

TSRS Eğitim Paketi

TSRS Self Paced Learning Program

Bu ayrıntılı kendi hızınıza göre ilerleyebileceğiniz e-öğrenme ile TSRS S1 ve TSRS S2 hakkında bilgi edinin. Bu interaktif kurs yaklaşık 6 saat sürmektedir.

Customized in- company Trainings on IFRS Sustainability standards & FSA Program

We offer 3-5 day customized training sessions for your colleagues from various departments. These sessions cover in-depth explorations of ESRS 1, ESRS 2, Double Materiality, and other relevant topics. Our training can be tailored up to 30% to include specific information about your industry, peers, competitors, or customers, ensuring a highly relevant and impactful learning experience.

DM tool
Working at a Cafe

The Double Materiality Tool - 2024-01-30T134201.446.png - 2024-01-30T141047.363.png

Our Double Materiality Tool is an Excel-based workbook that takes the users step by step through the process of double materiality as outlined in CSRD and reflecting Implementation Guidance provided by EFRAG. Our objective is to provide a source for teams to organize their thinking and support visibility across the IRO development and scoring process in an easy-to-use AND easy-to-explain format not requiring additional software or complicated integration.

The Tool consists of several worksheets, templates, and prompts for the users to capture critical context and background, input information directly, take action, and include information based on those actions. Complemented by the organization’s broader stakeholder engagement processes, details are captured in tabs which automate critical fields and roll up based on the elements inputted by the user.    

Templates included in the Tool:

Landscape and Value chain template

Identifying stakeholders and stakeholder engagement planning template

ESRS Topic screen template

Matters to IROs template

Impact materiality scoring template

Financial materiality scoring template

Disclosure for IRO 1 template

Disclosure for SBM 3

IMPORTANT: Please note that the tool is only compatible with MS windows OS, not MacOS

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